How To Score On A Golf Date

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If you think a golf date can be a totally sexy one, you are absolutely right. A golf date can lead to a bedroom success, all you need to do is make sure certain elements are covered. The most important thing is for you to get to know the girl you’re dating, and completely removing your urge to play the best golf game ever while you’re on this date, and focus on seducing your golf girl.

If you don’t think you can do this, it will be a complete waste of your time, and hers as well. She will be turned off if you throw your clubs around or sweat at your balls, and she most certainly won’t be impressed if you try to show her your long ball by launching it into the forest, then looking for it for hours.

A golf date should be all about enjoying her waggle and getting some amazing “accident” golf course snuggle that can most certainly lead to much more.

Check out these helpful tips for sweeping your golf date off her feet:

Find out is the is naughty or nice

You simply have to know if your girl has a naughty side or not. The easiest way to find this out is when you email her or talk to her on the phone. Ask her what she is wearing, and the answer will tell you all you need to know. If she has a naughty streak, she’s going to tell you she’s wearing something sexy.

As much as women keep saying the hate “the game”, the truth is if we like you, we are going to tease you a little – or maybe a lot, depending on the level of naughtiness. However, don’t ask this all the time, because it gets boring.

Verbal or written foreplay is very important, not only will it give you an insight of your girl’s preferences, it will turn on both of you, and she will start fantasizing about what’s going to happen after the golf game.

Now, here is the twist you need to know about: she wants a gentleman and a bad boy. You have to be able to tell when to act as a gentleman, and when to be the bad boy, and find the perfect combination.

At the golf course

First of all, make sure both of you arrive at least an hour before tee time. If you can, try to arrive before your date does, so your clubs are already at the practice range before she arrives.

Once she is finally there, take her hand and her clubs and walk her to the practice range. Ask her if she wants to get some soda or beer and ask her if she’d like to go grab a bucket of balls while you get the drinks.

When you get back, tell her you’d love to see her take a few swings. Don’t act like a coach, she’s not there for a golf lesson. Enjoy watching her take those swings and make sure you tell her she’s doing a great job. After a while, ask her if she wouldn’t mind if you stood behind her to show her a few things. Make sure not to use any bad boy language at this point, that’s just tacky and not sexy. Resist the urge! Stay professional because you can be sure the very fact you’re standing behind her is making her chills start running up and down her spine, no need to overdo it by brushing yourself against her. Don’t forget to tell her how amazing she smells.

At this point, your girl will be looking forward to getting close to you outside the golf course. Of course, only if you do these things right and not rush into anything.