10 Reasons To Date A Girl Who Plays Golf

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Every golfer knows what qualities he/she has to possess in order to stay in the game, including physical, mental and emotional qualities. However, people who aren’t into golf might have gotten some wrong impressions such as: golf is a boring game and only boring people play it, and besides that, the clothes they wear are ridiculous, so they must have no sense of style or fashion. Some of these people might have seen photos or videos of golfers throwing their clubs into a lake, or breaking them in anger.

If you try to look beyond the stereotypes, you will see a bunch of reasons why you should date a girl who plays golf. Some of the characteristics golfers have can be translated into successfully coping with many relationships’ problems or obstacles.

So, let’s check those out!

1. Golfers know consistency leads to greatness. They know how to be patient and that goes for relationships too.

2. They know how to deal with frustration – lots of frustration.

3. Golfer girls know that handicaps are a huge part of life and they know they are inevitable. They also know people shouldn’t be judged because of their handicaps.

4. They have an unbelievable level of focus and concentration.

5. Girls who play golf strive for complete emotional balance. They won’t make your life a living drama because they need their inner peace and their perfect combination of energy and equanimity.

6. There is no golf without mental toughness. As the legend of golf himself, Bobby Jones said, “Golf is played on a five-inch course – the distance between your ears.”

7. Golfer girls won’t bore you: they know how to make interesting conversations. A golf game lasts for three to four hours and only a small portion of it involves whacking the ball. There is lots of time for small talk and casual humor.

8. Golfers are perfectly aware of the fact small things matter just as much as big things.

9. Girls who play golf perfectly understand they must forget about mistakes and move on. They don’t dwell over spilled milk for days.

10.They know there will be good days and bad days and they’re perfectly fine with both of those.